Network Traffic Monitor Pro v2.8.14 – Real-time Internet Usage Monitoring Android Application
Purchased version for $1.49

Perhaps in many countries, due to high speed and free traffic, monitoring the Internet is useless and less important to anyone. However, in Iran, due to the high cost of operators and high-speed internet service providers, users must have precise monitoring of their sent and received information and manage it in a particular way. Network Traffic Monitor Pro Paid is the title of a professional monitoring system for internet usage at any moment in real-time for Android published by bSTUDIO for $1.49. This smart software displays download and upload speeds in real-time with support for an extraordinary system and helps users stay informed about their exact internet speed. In addition, one of the most important issues we have repeatedly mentioned is information security, where spy tools steal information from smart devices without the user’s knowledge. Network Traffic Monitor, with support for an extraordinary system, provides the ability to access the list of applications using the internet and identify frequently used applications, in addition to viewing the amount of internet usage for each application.

Some features and capabilities of the Network Traffic Monitor Pro Android app:

  • Real-time monitoring of download and upload speed
  • Viewing programs with internet access
  • Display of network technology in use
  • Customizing panel refresh rate
  • Setting panel location according to preference
  • Ability to customize panel transparency and opacity
  • Support for various communication methods such as Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, etc.

With support for an outstanding system to display real-time download and upload speeds, the Network Traffic Monitor Pro application has achieved a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 with its $1.49 price tag. You can now get the latest purchased version for free from the popular and Persian-language website Usroid.

* Fixing the crash issue on some devices


Network Traffic Monitor Pro