One Tap Tennis v1.10.00 + Mod – Popular One-Touch Tennis Android Game + Trailer
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One Tap Tennis is a popular and entertaining sports game in the tennis genre with a total size of 31 megabytes from the well-known CHILLINGO studio for Android devices, which has been released for free on the Play Store and has been downloaded by more than five hundred thousand Android users worldwide so far. One Tap Tennis focuses on the sport of tennis, with the difference that you have to defeat your opponent with just one hit! Naturally, the first thing that catches your eye in One Tap Tennis is the Electronic Arts (EA GAMES) logo, the publisher of FIFA games, as this company has played a role as one of the distributors in game development! After entering the menu, you can compete by selecting your character; first of all, we must say that the variety of characters is high and they can be customized! In this game, unlike similar tennis games, the main character cannot move!


Download One Tap Tennis - the popular 8-nose game "One Touch Tennis" Android + mod


As mentioned earlier, in the game, the character cannot move while a tennis ball is thrown towards you by a letter and colorful stripes form on the ground. When the line is on the stripes, you can shoot the ball by tapping the touch screen. It should be noted that with each hit, the position of the stripes will change to provide a greater challenge! If we take a look at the sound and music, we must say that each match is reported by an individual, which has its own special attractions. One Tap Tennis has tried to bring an enjoyable experience to the players with its simple elements. Therefore, we recommend not to miss it! If you are a fan of simple Android games and enjoy addictive gameplay despite the very simple design, do not miss One Tap Tennis. The regular and mod versions of this game are now available for download separately on Usroid.

* A new season with unique features has been added.
* Various optimizations and problem fixes for the game.