Rolling Dream v1.0.1 – A very attractive “Dream Weaver” game for Android + Trailer
A well-made and entertaining game in the musical and skillful game genre
Tested with offline execution

Rolling Dream – رویاپرداز, also known as Rolling Sky 2, is the second installment in this series of games and a sequel to the successful game Rolling Sky, which is undoubtedly one of the best recent skill games and has become a model for many other games due to its very attractive gameplay. Like the first part, this game was developed by one of the Cheetah Games subsidiary studios, FunsTime, in Hong Kong. At the request of dear users, Usroid has provided and offered this game for free. Rolling Dream was initially supposed to be released with the same title as the second part, Rolling Sky 2, but the developers decided to choose a new and exclusive name for it, and soon the game’s name changed from Rolling Sky 2 to Rolling Dream on Google Play. But according to the developers’ explanations, this game is a sequel to the first part, and its general features are very similar to it. In Rolling Dream, unlike Rolling Sky, where you had to control a ball, this time you have to take control of a real character, a musician prince, and accompany him on legendary and imaginary adventures. Many positive changes have been made in this version, and the special attention paid to the musical style is probably the most important of these changes. The first part was released in board and arcade game style, but Rolling Dream was made in the main musical style, and this feature is very tangible in this game.


Rolling Dream - Rolling Sky 2


In the game Rolling Dream or Rolling Sky 2, you have to run on different platforms in fantasy worlds, such as music notes or piano keys, and try to get the main character of the game to the endpoint. Throughout these levels, there are various traps and obstacles to stop you from progressing. You must try to pass these obstacles and move on to the next sections. Note that any collision with these obstacles, or going off the main path and falling off the edge of the path, will result in your loss. The game developer has referred to Rolling Dream as a playable musical film and says that in this game, you can follow a fantasy story in the form of a dreamy game. Each level of the game is accompanied by extraordinary and attractive background music, and your movements throughout the path have an impact on the overall rhythm of the music. In fact, it can be said that you have to follow the path of each level that matches the background music and try to move forward in sync with the music. In Rolling Dream, you travel to different points and various locations and experience new conditions and obstacles. This makes the game dynamic and not repetitive. The amazing designs of Rolling Dream are one of its best features. The gameplay of the game is also very simple but challenging. To play this game, simply put your finger on the screen and guide the game character around. If you are looking for an entertaining, well-made, and of course musical and different game, do not miss Rolling Dream or Rolling Sky 2 and download its latest version from Usroid after watching the game trailer video and screenshot images.

Note: Currently, no modified version of this game has been released; it will be added to the download box if it is published.