Run Forrest Run v1.6.4 – Beautiful and popular “Run Forrest” game for Android – Offline and no data required

Run Forrest Run is a new and entertaining game in the action and running genre from GeneraMobile studio for Android, which is exactly like the famous and popular game Subway Surfers. It can be said that it is a copy of this famous game! This game, designed based on the movie Forrest Gump, puts you in the role of the beloved character of the game, who must pass through obstacles by running and avoid colliding with cars and vehicles coming towards you by moving left and right! Along the way, there are various items and coins that can increase your speed and double the excitement, and you can use the coins to buy equipment for the character! If you are a fan of Subway Surfers game and want to have some diversity in this game, you can try Run Forrest Run; it should be noted that this game has not been well received so far!

* Playing and running in over 66 different routes in Alabama

* There are various UPS powers for collecting

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* Flight over the sky with the available airplane in game.

* Includes various barriers, vehicles, and other means to detain you.

* The possibility of competing with friends and other global users online

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The game Run Forrest Run has been released for free and today we provide you with the latest version along with the data on Usroid. You can download it for free by visiting the rest of the article.

* Addition of new features
* Fixing game issues and improving graphics


Download Run Forrest Run - jungle running game for Android