Ship Info v9.5.3  The app providing complete information on ships worldwide, specifically for Android
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One of the oldest means of transportation invented by humans are ships. Ships are large boats that have the ability to carry a large amount of passengers and cargo. Humans have been building and using ships for about 3000 years ago, and almost all people who had access to the sea and open waters used this means of transportation. In the past, ships were often used for commerce and military purposes, and this use has not changed today. Ships are still used for commerce and war, but on a much larger and more advanced scale. There are also types of ships whose job is to transport tourists and travelers on sea trips, and they are called cruise ships. Cruise ships are like floating cities and have all the facilities of a city, such as various restaurants, swimming pools, game rooms, cinemas, theaters, etc. and can move thousands of people across the ocean. Ships, like airplanes, share their information with the whole world, and all the information about a ship can be found on the internet. Today, we have an application that provides information about ships. Ship Info is the title of an application for receiving general and detailed information about ships available in the world, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by the Galasoft AK software group and published for free on Google Play. With this application, you can search for a ship by its name and see all the information available about it, along with its photo and current location. Of course, you can also view ships by the countries they belong to. This application also supports information about Iranian ships.

Some features and capabilities of the Ship Info Android app:

  • The ability to define personal navigation and create a list of favorite ships to follow their information
  • The ability to find ships near the user using GPS
  • Providing detailed information such as ship’s previous names, flag, home port, year of construction, ship dimensions, engine builder, accessories and many other information
  • The ability to easily share ship information with friends through social networks
  • Displaying images of ships
  • The ability to send reviews for ships and view other people’s comments
  • Real-time update of program information
  • Displaying job opportunities on ships (job title, salary, etc.)
  • The ability to clear all usage history with one button

The Ship Info application is a very useful program for anyone who works at sea or is interested in ships and maritime fleets. Ship Info has received an 4.3 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users with over 500,000 downloads. You can now download the premium version of this program with all access and features for free from Usroid.


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