SoccerRally World Championship – جهانی قهرمانی رالی فوتبال is an addictive and incredibly exciting game in the sports and rally game genre from the game development studio, IceFlame Ltd, specifically for the Android operating system. In this game, you must compete on football fields from all over the world, and your competitions take place through rally cars on football fields. Instead of controlling players, you must control cars and use your own car instead of using players’ hands and feet and goalkeeper to score goals and block the ball! With over 20 challenging and exciting levels and different competitions and locations, this game undoubtedly brings a different experience of sports games to your Android phone!

One of the interesting features included in the game SoccerRally World Championship is the ability to play two-player using one device. You can stand with your friend on both sides of your tablet or smartphone and compete with each other and have hours of fun.

Some of the features of SoccerRally World Championship Android game:

* Possibility of playing two-player games with friends through one device

* Providing access to 9 cars with different performances and characteristics that can be customized.

* Participating in over 90 different academies for experiencing the best football rally game.

* Having stunning HD graphics accompanied by exciting sound effects + excellent controller

The game SoccerRally World Championship has been released for free and today we at Usroid provide you with the latest version of it as the first Iranian website along with the data file.

Please note that: SoccerRally World Championship game is the same as SoccerRally2 game, which has been renamed with the release of the new version! 🙂


Download SoccerRally World Championship - Rally 2 football game for Android


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.iceflame.SoccerRally2 folder to the Android/Obb directory.


SoccerRally World Championship - a new Android game



SoccerRally World Championship - a new Android game



SoccerRally World Championship - a new Android game



SoccerRally World Championship - a new Android game