HD Game: The Island Castaway® 2 v1.1 – Full Version 1.1 only on Usroid!

The Island: Castaway® 2 is the second version of the incredibly beautiful and popular game Island: Castaway, developed by the famous game studio G5 Entertainment, specifically for the Android operating system. The first version was made available for sale in the Android market a few hours ago, priced at $2.99 for users worldwide. The game’s story follows the first version, where you were a sailor who got caught in an ocean storm and drowned. After a group finds your boat and rescues your crew, they take you to the nearest island. From here, your adventure begins, and you must find different foods and fruits to survive on the island and try to overcome your hunger!

If you want to learn how to deal with natural events and learn special ways of living such as fishing, catching venomous snakes, lighting a fire, and more, we recommend not to miss the amazing game The Island: Castaway® 2! Of course, don’t forget that there are also tribes living on this island that you should be careful not to become enemies with and establish a good relationship with them.

Some of the strategic features of The Island: Castaway® 2 for Android:

* More than 3,000 exciting missions to be completed by the player0

* Dozens of vegetables, plants, and fruits for collection

* Having an interesting story along with stunning HD graphics

The game The Island: Castaway® 2 is now available for sale on Google Play for $3, and today we at Usroid are providing it to you, along with the data file, as the first Iranian website to do so. We hope you enjoy it.


Download The Island: Castaway® 2 - Island Game: Rejected Android + Data


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.g5e.islandcastaway2.full folder to the Android/obb directory.


Download The Island: Castaway® 2 Android Apk - New Google Play



Download The Island: Castaway® 2 Android Apk - New Google Play