The Lawless is a new and incredibly beautiful game with stunning HD graphics for the Android operating system that invites you to incredible battles in the dark and harsh world of the old West! We express the story of the game in the words of its designer: “You have just been released from prison and you do not want to return there again! On the other hand, you have become acquainted with influential people in prison! Now you have returned to the streets and you must start from scratch and reach your peak again! So you have to get to work, form a group for yourself, and tackle challenging missions!” This game, which is designed as an open world, allows the player to move freely in the city and game locations and eliminate enemies one by one and complete the missions assigned to him! Now you are in the role of a tough and powerful man for whom nothing is important except revenge; taking revenge for his brother’s blood from the enemies!

Take your weapon in hand, go to completely real places, and shoot down the enemies in front of you with a single bullet and experience the best first-person shooter game on your Android tablet or smartphone! If you feel that you can form your gang as soon as possible and become a legendary criminal and expand your territory in the three-dimensional and detailed environment of this game, then don’t miss this game at any cost!!

* Having 3D graphics and HD to immerse you in the world of the old western outlaw

* Various police groups including special police, anti-riot police, air police, detectives, etc.

* Having access to over 100 powerful weapons in various categories!

* The possibility of creating criminal gangs and competing with others online (with global users)

* Play and battle in 3D environments with destructible elements and environmental reactions.

* Unique control methods and movement and shooting mechanisms

* Excellent and exciting sound quality for the best shooting game experience!

The game The Lawless has been released completely free of charge and today we at Usroid as the first Iranian website provide it to you along with the data file! Stay with us to see some pictures of the game and its trailer!

* Opening and free access to all levels of the game

* Fixing issues and improving game graphics


Download The Lawless - a great graphic shooting game for Android + data


Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format with the password Put the folder the.lawless in the path Android/obb.


Download The Lawless Android Apk + obb - New FREE



Download The Lawless Android Apk + obb - New FREE