Unhatched – شکسته نشده is a card game developed by Filip Loster Game Studio and released for Android devices at a price of $3.49. This game is actually a cross between Reigns and Meteorfall with its own unique and special mechanics. So, if you are interested in such games, Unhatched can be a suitable choice for you! But what makes this game different from other card games is its puzzle-card battles, each with its own solutions. In this game, instead of random cards, you have the choice to arrange the order of the cards. Each card has a binary choice and each battle requires a different strategy. Therefore, there is nothing simple about this game and you always have to think about how to make changes in the game stages to progress. At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in a prison cell. Suddenly, a stranger appears in front of you and offers you freedom, but asks you to perform various missions for him in return. The ultimate goal is to steal a box for this stranger, but during the game, you will encounter other strangers who ask you to do other missions.




Although the missions in Unhatched are not too difficult and sometimes are summarized by simply opening the door of a jar of pickles, there is also a strange mask that plays the role of a leader and provides useful guidance, but this mask also has its own missions and challenges your skills. Additionally, it seems that you have a dragon egg with you and after the dragon hatches, you suddenly become a dragon tamer in a Game of Thrones-like incident! As you may have noticed, the story of this game is not limited and a new story is added to the main storyline in every corner of the game, making it more attractive and engaging. However, we must also mention that unfortunately, the game will end before you find out where the story ends, leaving you with a “to be continued” and many unanswered questions. Nevertheless, to be fair, we must say that the experience of this game will be entertaining and enjoyable, and according to the developers, the story continues and the second game will be released as soon as possible. The Usroid team intends to provide the tested and completely free version of Unhatched to you dear ones. You can now download this game from our servers and enjoy playing it!

Version v2.0.22 Changes:

* Various optimizations and problem-solving for the game