Virtual Music Player v4.4.1 Simple and Lightweight Android Music Player
Ad-Free and Complete Version of the App

If we consider the iPhone as the pioneer of smart phones, we must accept the fact that it was introduced as a music player with internet capabilities. Music playback was one of the most essential and fundamental features defined for smart phones. With the emergence of smart phones, the era of MP3 players came to an end and now most people around the world use their phones to listen to and enjoy music. In fact, for many people, smart phones are now the only way to access their favorite songs. Smartphone manufacturers have recognized this need and potential, and now each of them produces their own exclusive music player, which is installed by default on their products. These music players often have a beautiful appearance but lack high functionality and have never been able to satisfy their users. The Android operating system has always been equipped with a music player application with very basic and minimal features since its inception. The high demand from users and the lack of a suitable response from companies have led many software developers and groups to develop their own music players, which has led to the emergence of various music players. Today, we introduce you to one of the newest ones: Virtual Music Player, a lightweight, fast, and simple music player designed for the Android operating system, developed by thegr1f software group and released for free on Google Play. This application is for those who are tired of heavy music players with many options and settings and just want to enjoy their favorite songs with the touch of a button. There are no advanced features or capabilities in this music player, and all your songs are displayed in a list in one place. By touching any of the songs, the program starts playing it. Of course, controls such as repeat, shuffle, back, forward, next, previous, etc. are available to the user. For easier access to controls, they can also be accessed from the notification section. The program automatically searches all of your device’s memory for audio files and you can update the list of songs manually at any time. This application is great for use on older phones and provides flawless performance.


Virtual Music Player


The Virtual Music Player application is a very fast music player with a simple operation and far from the usual complexities in modern music players, which has received a rating of 3.4 out of 5.0 from Android users’ satisfaction in Google Play. You can now download the ad-free version of this program with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.