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Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic v4.61.0.1 – Android Route Finder and Road Reporting App
Final and Official Version on Google Play presented to you dear Usroid users.

One of the biggest problems for people living in large cities is traffic. Various Android developers have released different programs to help users of these smart devices reach their destination faster by identifying routes with less traffic. Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic is a complete and flawless program for identifying traffic and directions for the popular and intelligent Android operating system. With its innovative system, Waze helps you not only navigate, but also spend less time in traffic on roads and streets. Waze is the world’s largest crowd-based navigation system, used most frequently among smartphone users. By installing this software, users can share their location along with a complete report of the region’s traffic, so other drivers can be informed about the traffic in any area. In addition to the traffic in each area, details such as the location of police, accidents, and road hazards can also be shared, providing you with a calm and painless driving experience. This application is not only effective in the mentioned cases, but also displays accurate details from the maps in real time. You can easily find a fancy restaurant or identify the nearest gas station with the cheapest price.

Some of the features and capabilities of Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic for Android:

  • Select origin and destination and display the distance to the desired location
  • Receive alerts when changing the wrong route and correcting the route
  • Live navigation and accurate map details
  • Share road traffic with your friends
  • Ability to share road hazards, police locations and accidents
  • Identify the cheapest fuel station on the move
  • Automatic calculator in case of road condition changes
  • Voice navigation during navigation
  • Battery saving unlike similar programs

The Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic application has gained the trust of users with over 500 million active downloads worldwide and is among the top navigation apps. Additionally, this software has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 among millions of votes by users on the Play Store, and you can now download the latest official and final version from the servers of Usroid website.


Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic