WENJIA v1.07 – Entertaining and Action-packed WENJIA Game for Android with Data + Trailer
The paid and purchased version of the game is offered to you dear ones for $1.99
Tested with offline execution

WENJIA – ونجیا is the first official and independent game from the Chinese studio Dilemma, which has been released publicly for Android phones and tablets on Google Play. Before being produced for mobile operating systems, the game was presented for home computers through the Steam store. Now, the game’s creators have decided to release WENJIA as a port for Android as well. This time, Usroid has prepared the full and paid version of the game for the first time in Iran and made it available for download for you dear ones. WENJIA is an artistic design and a creative work in the field of adventure games. The adventures of this game take place in a different world that the creators have named the Energy World. In WENJIA, you play as a cat made of this energy, trying to confront catastrophic events and save spiritual beings by traveling between the material and energy worlds. The game’s designs are interesting and very beautiful. The visible visual effects, along with the shining colors, have made the game more like a dream! Your task is to move through this imaginary world, overcome obstacles, and traverse the game’s path by running and jumping. The game’s story is related to this peaceful world, which looks like a very large, green forest. One day, a terrible earthquake occurs, and molten materials spill out of the earth, trapping mountain spirits. Now, you have to go to the spiritual world as a small force and help the mountain spirits. To do this, you must pass through this beautiful forest, pass through dangerous paths, and then travel deep into the earth to reach the source of these molten materials and stop their progress to save the mountain spirits.




The gameplay of WENJIA is presented in a 2D format, featuring front-facing views and unique designs. The game’s levels are presented as puzzle-like obstacles that must be navigated correctly, otherwise the game character will fail and be destroyed. Throughout the journey, you will travel through both worlds, each with its own distinct features. Along the way, you will encounter various locations that offer different attractions. Aside from the game’s fantasy graphics and abstract designs, it’s worth noting that the sound design and music of WENJIA are possibly the game’s strongest points, providing a unique and calming experience. The calm, instrumental music helps to make the gameplay experience enjoyable and stress-free, while also creating a peaceful mindset. WENJIA is available for $1.99 and has been nominated for several awards in 2018. You can download the final version of the game, along with its data file, from Usroid, where it has been tested and verified.

* New features added + various optimizations

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.dilemmastudio.wenjia folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory.