Where’s My Mickey (My Mickey is Where) is another one of the best and most exciting puzzle games by Disney for the Android operating system. Like its other games, it is designed based on the laws of physics, and you have to touch the screen to dig and create a path for the water using chemical materials, and finally guide the water towards the pipe to the home of the beloved character of the game, Mickey Mouse!

The story of the game is that on a hot summer day, Mickey Mouse decided to start a lemonade stand. He has enough cups and lemons and a long line of thirsty customers, but no water! So it’s your task to get water to Mickey Mouse so he can serve his customers with lemonade! This game is divided into 5 unique parts, each with amazing and interesting scenarios! Using wind, clouds, and rain to maneuver through levels and utilizing the cartoon character Mickey Mouse and 100 interesting levels, including 20 challenging ones, are features of this game that bring the best and most enjoyable puzzle game experience to your Android phone and addict you to it!

Some features of Where’s My Mickey Android game:

* Explore in 5 unique parts with amazing and enjoyable scenarios

* Including over 100 challenging levels in diverse locations and environments

* Availability of a collection of rewards and achievements in the game

* There are various hidden objects in the game for the player to find

* There are six exclusive stages for the Goofy character in the game.

The game Where’s My Mickey is now available for sale on the Android market with a price of $0.99. However, at Usroid, we provide you with the latest and final version for free with a direct link. By visiting the continuation of the article, you can first see some images of the game environment and if you wish, download it.



Download Where's My Mickey - addictive game Where's My Mickey Android



Download Where's My Mickey Android Apk - NEW



Download Where's My Mickey Android Apk - NEW