Jelly Web Browser – Jelly Web Browser is a fast browser with a classic and fancy interface from the Exsoul-Ish programming group for the Android operating system , which allows you and users to browse the pages of websites and blogs at high speed. Upload in the best possible way. Up to this moment of Usroid several and various applications in the field of browsers including Firefox , Google Chrome , Habitat , Maxthon , etc., have introduced the names of all of them familiar, but today wants to introduce web application browser Jelly Web Browser We have no doubt that none of you have heard its name because it is not yet on any Android siteIran has not been introduced and published, and it is Usroid that, as always, provides it as the first Iranian website.

The above browser with a very small volume (something around 1 MB) can bring a new experience of great browsers on your Android phone and is worth a try.

Some features and possibilities of Jelly Web Browser Android application:

* Full support for Adobe Flash Player to open Flash files in Android +2.2

* Ability to share pages directly on social networks or Bluetooth

* It has a powerful Find on page function to find your favorite word on the opposite page

* Ability to save web pages for offline reading and viewing at another time

* Bookmark support to add your favorite pages and browse quickly at a later time

* Ability to import the default browser bookmarks of Android device (Import bookmarks)

* Having functional functions of translating content, searching in several famous search engines, turning or moving pages, etc.

* Supports 21 world languages ​​including English, French, German , Spanish, Chinese and Japanese

Application Jelly Web Browser is now in the Android Market has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 , which we have today in Usroid latest version of it as the first Iranian website to provide you with that.

notice that:

1 – This browser has ads and to remove the ads you have to buy the key that we have done for you and after installing the program itself ; Install the key to remove the ads! (We have put the installation file and key together for you as a ZIP file.)

2 – This browser is not a bypass and you can not open filtered web pages with it !


Download Jelly Web Browser - "Jelly" fast web browser for Android