Jurassic World: The Game – The world of Jurassic Park is one of the most popular and beautiful simulation games from Ludia Inc Studio for Android, which has been released for free on Google Play and now the latest version is in front of you. The game’s developer has other popular games in its repertoire, all of which have been well received, including Dragons: Rise of Berk , Jurassic World Alive , Dragons: Titan Uprising, and Ninja Turtles: Legends cited. If you have played the other version of this game, ie the world of dinosaurs: live, you will undoubtedly notice the gameplay of this version as well! The upcoming version of the game is based on the science fiction film Jurassic Park. Bring more than 200 giant dinosaurs from the new Jurassic Park movie to life and battle your opponents in battles that shake the earth. Challenge! As a player, you can create your own Jurassic Park and compete with online players around the world. As you progress through the stages and modes of Jurassic World: The Game, you will do your best to bring together a huge range of dinosaurs, a powerful group that will take the lead in battles! In addition to these dinosaurs, you will be able to join your favorite characters from Jurassic Park such as Owen, Claire and other characters, and as you cultivate your dinosaurs, think about their genetic improvement; Now that the construction of Jurassic Park has been released, it’s time to build your own Jurassic Park and have fun in a wonderful world for a long time. If you are a fan of simulation style games and you like to experience a fantastic gameplay with dinosaurs, this game will undoubtedly attract your attention with its great gameplay, stunning graphics and great build. .

Some features of the Jurassic World: The Game Android simulation game:

  • Available in 200 special and unique dinosaurs
  • Ability to access and access all dinosaurs
  • Ability to create your own Jurassic Park and compete with others
  • Put all kinds of buildings and landscapes in your Jurassic Park
  • Advancing the game’s story – having an incredibly beautiful and engaging story
  • Availability of different cards to create special dinosaurs
  • Available daily prizes and achievements for regular online gamers
  • It has stunning graphics, great sound and unparalleled gameplay

Game Jurassic World: The Game to date, more than 50 million times by Android users around the world, Google received and the most popular and the most downloadable games category Simulation is now the latest version of its free on Usroid ago It is up to you and we are sure that you, the fans of games of this style, will not give up on it in any way and you will experience it. The game is available online and the offline version is not available so you can experience it in the absence of the Internet; If you have a good internet connection and want to experience an interesting simulation game, don’t miss Jurassic World: The Game and be sure that it will attract your attention in every way and is worth a try.

Additional points: 

1 – The game is online and
2 – the game is not hacked and no mode version
3 – Play with data that is received in the initial run and 1 GB in size.


Jurassic World: The Game