Dragons: Titan Uprising v1.15.4 – Puzzle and Jorchin game “Titan Dragon Uprising” for Android + Trailer
A popular game made from the How to Train Your Dragon animated series
tested online

Dragons: Titan Uprising – Titan Dragon Uprising is the name of a fun and exciting game from Ludia Inc. Canada is a puzzle game genre that has been produced for free with in-app purchases and has been released for Android devices. Titles such as Jurassic World Alive or Ninja Turtles: Legends are games produced and released by the same game company. The Titan Dragon Uprising game is another title adapted from the animated series How to Train Your Dragon and the company’s second project from the same series of games that was produced and developed after the release of the popular Dragons: Rise of Berk game. The famous characters in this animated series seem to have a lot of fans. In addition to Ludia Studios, other companies such as JumpStart Games are developing the gameThe School of Dragons has started producing games based on this animation. In Dragons: Titan Uprising, which is a puzzle and jigsaw puzzle game, you will once again go to the exciting and legendary world of the popular and lovable dragon of this series, and this time you will collect, manage and grow your dragon with a new style. And you do the game missions. The general nature of this game is based on Match-3 style socks, and the game process is followed by passing these puzzles.


Dragons Titan Uprising


In another part of Dragons: Titan UprisingYou need to find different dragons by collecting cards. This is the management part, and of course there are elements of role-playing games in it, so the game’s creators have used the title Puzzle RPG to define and introduce it. There are also the famous dragons of the HTTYD animated series in Dragons: Titan Uprising, and you can select and select them to create a unique team and then compete with others. More than 750 stages, or better yet, the battle awaits you to go with your dragon team to do them. By managing your forces or producing new breeds, you can have new and powerful dragons and upgrade them on several levels. In the Titan Dragon Uprising game, you will be able to travel to unknown islands and perform various stages and quests in these places. But the main fun part of this game is the PvP competition. You have to go to the battle of other online players with their own teams with your own team, and in a combined gameplay of jigsaw puzzles and role-playing games, try to advance the battle in your favor. The gameplay in the Jorchins section is the same as in all Puzzle Match 3 games, where you can score points by putting the same items together and creating consecutive items of more than 3. Dragons: Titan Uprising withA score of 4.3 out of 5.0 has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play. In the following, you can download the latest current update of this game as tested from Usroid .

important points :

– The game runs online. You may need to change the IP to run it correctly.
There is no modded version for this game, but if this article is published, it will be updated and added to it.
– The game is available without the need for data and as a large APK installation file.