Parking Jam 3D v180.1.1 + Mod – A very entertaining puzzle game “Getting cars out of the parking lot” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested offline

Parking Jam 3D – Getting Cars Out of Parking is a fun and very popular puzzle game that has been created and developed for free. The game has been designed by the German studio Popcore Games and has been released on Google Play for the Android operating system. As always, Usroid, as the first Iranian Android website, has provided this game for download along with a modified and tested version so that you, dear enthusiasts of puzzle and intellectual games, can enjoy downloading and installing an exciting game. Although the overall idea of Parking Jam 3D is not new or unique, the simple yet entertaining designs of the game can be so attractive that they keep you entertained for a long time. Despite its puzzle-like and challenging appearance, this game has a relaxing and minimalist nature. In Parking Jam, your task is to move the cars parked in a parking lot in each level and prepare the exit route for each of them. However, this task is not supposed to be easy and simple because these cars are parked in a small space and are stuck to each other, and even a specific order has not been observed in the way they are parked.


Parking Jam 3D


In Parking Jam 3D, you have to move these cars around in such a way that a path is created for each of them to exit. Be careful not to cause these cars to collide with each other while choosing the right path. The gameplay is very simple and designed in such a way that you can play the game with just one hand. The main priority in passing the levels of Parking Jam 3D is the order in which each car exits. You may be able to get one or two cars out of the park at the beginning of the game, but that doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily taken the right path. The order in which the cars exit in this game is of great importance, so you need to challenge your mind a bit and find the right path through trial and error. There are many obstacles and challenges waiting for you in Parking Jam 3D that can really engage your mind. The game’s creator has said that Parking Jam can be a real trick and can confuse players in an unpredictable way. If you’re also a fan of this type of game, Parking Jam 3D can definitely be enjoyable for you. To learn more about puzzle game styles, we recommend watching the game trailer video to become familiar with its gameplay style. Usroid has prepared this beautiful and addictive game in both regular and modded versions for download and you can download the latest version of this game from the download box section.