Keep Fishin is a new and very beautiful game with excellent graphics compared to its small size in the style of fishing games for the Android operating system , which is one of the most popular fishing games with a score of 4.8 in the Play Store and is offered for free. Is. In this game, you are in the role of a lovely and reliable cat named Fishatron9000 who is fishing and entertaining for hours.

On the other hand, you should be careful of your bad temper and not neglect him for a moment. You increase the points by catching delicious fish and increase the excitement by upgrading the game .

Some features of the exciting game Keep Fishin Android:

* Endless levels! As long as you want

* Being 4 unique houses and beautiful tones

* Ability to choose a leaderboard to play with friends

* Play in places like the Pyramids of Egypt and Savannah Africa

* Good graphics due to its small size (9 MB)

* Being free and not having any additional ads

Today in Usroid, we have put a modded version of the game Keep Fishin for you, which is with unlimited gold, and you can download it for free by reading the rest of the article.

 Mod version with unlimited gold…


Download Keep Fishin 1.0 Mod - fascinating fishing game for Android!