Up until now, we have introduced almost all available keyboards for the Android operating system to you users. Today, we have the intention of introducing a new and unique keyboard, Kii Keyboard. This keyboard has all the features and capabilities of other keyboards such as Google Keyboard, SwiftKey, Jelly Bean Keyboard, and more, all in one place, and supports all different languages, including the sweet Persian language.

This software, which is offered for free, has complete capabilities that can be pointed out to the following items:

* Optimized for all Android phones and tablets

* Having a variety of beautiful emojis to use in messages

* Possibility to choose an image for the background of the keyboard

In addition to its outstanding features, Kii Keyboard software has unique capabilities, and we recommend it to all users looking for the best and most complete keyboard. You can download the latest version of this powerful keyboard with just one click from Usroid for your device.

Version v1.2.23r2 Changes: (Premium software version)


Download Kii Keyboard - a complete and unique Android keyboard



Download Kii Keyboard Android APK NEW



Download Kii Keyboard Android APK NEW



Download Kii Keyboard Android APK NEW