Learn English with ABA English Premium Unlocked v5.6.7 – Complete and comprehensive English language training application for Android, premium and unlocked
version with access to all features, presented to you dear ones

Learn English with ABA English Premium Unlocked is a unique program for learning English with short videos and special methods for Android.Published by ABA English Studio. The new and exclusive method used in this program enables users to learn English in a short time to the point of perfect conversation. The set of tutorials included in this training package is in 6 different levels that after installing and selecting the level, you will be faced with various and varied tutorials. In addition, all courses are distributed in 144 different units and include all the details of the language, including vocabulary, dialogue, grammar, writing, and so on. After completing the instructional videos of each level, the program will automatically take a test from you, and if you get an acceptable score, you can go to the next level and other tutorials. One of the most important features of Learn English with ABA English is the intelligent system to increase the abilities and mastery of English through conversation; So you only need to select the character you want to talk to.

Some features and capabilities of the Learn English with ABA English Premium Android app:

  • Teaching and learning English through short films
  • 144 educational units for complete English language learning
  • Classify educational videos in 6 different levels
  • Coverage of all educational details
  • Various tests to show your progress at the end of each level
  • Receive an official and valid certificate from ABA English at the end of each level
  • Intelligent dialogue system for complete and perfect learning
  • There were no ads in the app environment

App Learn English with ABA English Premium by following a training system smart and perfect has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users Android Market Play Store downloads that can now use the newest version of the Premium the perfect app for free from the server Get high speed Usroid site.


Learn English with ABA English Premium