Mazrae Nano 1.0.39 – A very beautiful and different farming game of Nano type for Android; Made by Iranian game makers
without data and only a 75 MB installation file only in Usroid

Nano Farm is a new and extremely beautiful game in the style of farming and agricultural games from Ano Iranian Studio for Android operating system.It was released a few hours ago, and at the request of the Nanotechnology Headquarters, this studio and the support of Iranian game makers, we decided to introduce it for free to you, users of Iranian games and farming! This game is mainly aimed at teaching the basic concepts of nanotechnology to children and adolescents, in which you, as a player, are engaged in agriculture, this time in the form of nano! During the game you try to upgrade your farm and at the same time, you get acquainted with some applications of nanotechnology in the textile, agriculture, packaging and automotive industries! The game has four zones and each zone is designed in one of the seasons of the year and each zone has 10 stages that the player experiences a total of 40 stages of the game! Use a tractor to harvest crops, use nano-fertilizers for fast crop growth, package products with nanotechnology to increase their shelf life, and…; If toFarm games , you are interested, do not miss the above game in any way!

Some features of the “Nano Farm” Android farming game:

* Includes 4 different areas with unique design

* Includes 10 steps for each chapter = a total of 40 steps

* Ability to create different types of nano factories

* Sell products for your promotion by the player

* Online mode to record and record your points

* Packaging products with nanotechnology for longer shelf life

Nano Farm game is undoubtedly one of the best Iranian games offered for Android, which we have introduced for free in Usroid , and soon you will see it spread on various Iranian sites, and our goal is to expand and familiarize everyone with This is a game!????

Changes in version v1.0.39:

* Release the first version of the game.


Download the Iranian game "Nano Farm" in the style of agriculture for Android!