Microsoft Office v16.0.16130.20188 – The Unmatched Package of Office 2019 Software for Android Devices
Introducing an Excellent Package with Three Powerful Applications at Your Request
Usable on all Android Tablets and Phones!

Microsoft Office is one of the most powerful and popular editing software for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on Android devices. The latest complete version of this package, Microsoft Office For Android, is now available! In fact, this package includes three excellent and unique applications from Microsoft, and by installing all three applications on your Android device, you can have three powerful Microsoft tools, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint! This package includes three incredible applications, Microsoft Word Preview, Microsoft Excel Preview, and Microsoft PowerPoint Preview, which are considered to be the most complete Office software and have all the features and capabilities of the PC version! If you are an Android user looking for the most complete, best, and powerful Office software, we strongly recommend that you do not miss this package! With the Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go software, you can edit and view Word Office files and use features such as creating Word files, editing Word files, adding page numbers, writing professional text, live layouts, styles, and more.


Microsoft Word Preview


On the other hand, with the Microsoft Excel: View, Edit, & Create Spreadsheets app, you will be able to easily edit and view Excel files and, if desired, design and save various types of tables and take advantage of the unique features of the software for free! A set of useful features has been included in Microsoft Excel that makes you independent of other programs! With this app, you can view and edit Excel files in the best possible way!


Microsoft Excel View, Edit, & Create Spreadsheets


Finally, with the Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations app, you can create famous PowerPoint files or view various Microsoft PowerPoint files in a beautiful environment and take advantage of other amazing features of the software! Like the other two versions of Microsoft Word and Excel, a set of practical features has been included in Microsoft PowerPoint that makes you independent of other programs! With this app, you can view and edit PowerPoint files in the best possible way!


Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshows and Presentations


Today, for the first time on the web, we at Usroid are providing you with the fully tested and powerful Microsoft Office for Android package for the year 2019, which has a size of over 60 megabytes! We emphasize once again that if you have an Android device and are looking for the best of Microsoft Office, do not hesitate to download this amazing package! All three versions of this package are among the most popular and downloaded on Google Play, with millions of downloads, earning a rating of +4.4 out of 5.0!