SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji Beta v – Super Swift Beta keyboard for Android!
Different installation files for different Android versions of the mod with hundreds of stylish themes

SwiftKey Beta is a beta version of the popular, beautiful and wonderful Swift keyboard from the company of the same name for Android smartphones and tablets, which has more features than the original version! Basically, the manufacturer puts new features that it wants to add to the main keyboard first on the beta version, and after a complete test, it is added to the original version! Better on SwiftKey Keyboard also provide additional explanations! With its support of all languages ​​of the world, including the sweet Persian language and its unique features, this keyboard has been able to attract many users! If you want to increase your typing speed and experience a fast typing, the SwiftKey Beta keyboard will definitely be the best option because the size of the buttons, the distance from each other, the size of the text, and… are all standard. Your screen size will be adjusted and your typing speed will increase dramatically! If you are in the world of a keyboard, do not miss the Swift under any circumstances, because you will be fascinated by its wonderful design and construction, and it is worth trying!

Some features of the SwiftKey Beta Android keyboard:

  • Support for the world’s living languages, including Persian
  • Ability to customize the keyboard according to your taste
  • Identify and save words for suggestions next time
  • Support for all Arab Arabs and other issues
  • Great emoticons for use in texts
  • Extremely stylish user interface with various themes

App SwiftKey Beta is now at the Play Store has a rating of 4.4 from 5.0 and more than 5 million times by Android users around the world Google Lpy has been received and we Usroid the latest version of it to ask friends to download’ve put You can download it for free from the site’s high-speed servers.


SwiftKey Beta