MiniBrowser PRO – مینی بروزر پرو is another one of the best and most practical Android browsers that allows you to experience the best web browsing in a simple and classic environment on your Android smartphone or tablet! It is true that this browser does not provide access to bypass sanctions for Iranian users, but due to its very low size, which is only one hundred kilobytes, it is the only browser that uses a tiny amount of memory and has a very high page loading speed because it blocks all advertisements, which results in faster loading and less data usage!

Yes, you heard it right. This browser is the only Android web browser that creates an ad-free environment for you by filtering out annoying internet ads and we recommend it to all users looking for a classic and lightweight browser.

Some features and capabilities of the MiniBrowser PRO Android application:

* Full support for Adobe Flash Player to load Flash files

* Add blocker is a powerful tool to prevent pop-up ads and more from opening

* The possibility of browsing the internet anonymously with the powerful function of Incognito browsing

* Having a powerful and practical function to complete the automatic address in the address bar

* Unlimited support for tabs to open blog and website pages

* Having a Night mode to prevent eye strain in low light conditions

* Having a powerful search function to search for your desired word on web pages

(Note: The original text is in Persian/Farsi, and the translation may not be accurate.)

* Having other functions such as downloading files, full-screen mode, desktop mode , zoom in and out, translation with Google services, and so on.

The MiniBrowser PRO application is now available for sale on the Android market for $1.50 and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0. Today, we at Usroid provide you with the latest version of it for free and with a direct link, and you can download it with just one click.


Download MiniBrowser PRO - a simple and very light Android browser!



MiniBrowser PRO Android - Android mini browser



MiniBrowser PRO Android - Android mini browser



MiniBrowser PRO Android - Android mini browser



MiniBrowser PRO Android - Android mini browser