[miniHABITs – Habit, Goal, Todo v1.9.4 [Pro – App to change habits and focus on Android goals
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Our overall personality is made up of small behaviors and habits that sometimes we are all unaware of! Making changes in our small habits can change our personality and give us high popularity in the community. Therefore, we intend to accompany you in achieving good habits by introducing a wonderful startup. miniHABITs – Habit, Goal, Todo Pro UnlockedTitle is a unique application for changing habits and focusing on specific goals for Android, which was developed by JayStory and published in the big Google Play Market. Easily check your habits on a weekly basis with access to a variety of tools and find out what unreasonable behaviors you have experienced. Set your goal of achieving specific habits and be rewarded for your progress by completing activities on time. One of the best features of this software is smart alerts; In such a way that it monitors all your activities on a daily basis and displays various notifications if you do not do good habits. Everything is recorded in this program and you can add your own notes to the existing database.

Some features and capabilities of miniHABITs app – Habit, Goal, Todo Android:

  • Change small habits to make big changes in behaviors!
  • Achieve goals by institutionalizing useful daily habits
  • Ability to follow your habits on a weekly basis
  • See your progress
  • Alert system to prevent forgetfulness of doing habits
  • Easily manage and view habits in the form of functional widgets
  • Ability to back up data on cloud servers

MiniHABITs application – Habit, Goal, Todo, with the benefit of various features and capabilities in the field of behavior change, has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying $ 2.49 within the network, which you can now get the latest Download the professional and complete version from the direct links of Usroid website .


miniHABITs - Habit, Goal, Todo Pro