Mp3 Music Player Pro v2.6.1 – Music Player application with full features and low volume Android,
paid and professional version and no restrictions

Mp3 Music Player is a professional player with full and unique features released from AndroidRockers programming studio for Android operating system . First of all, you should know that this player is the same Marine Music Player program that its developers have changed its name. Perhaps this application can be considered as an innovative and revolutionary player that attracts everyone due to its many features. Slowly You can easily create playlists of your favorite songs to be played seamlessly and in sequence with the highest possible quality; Do not worry about playing music when you are drowsy because it has a smart sleep timer system that can stop the player at any time. In addition a huge range of available audio file formats are covered by Mp3 Music PlayerIt can be said that it easily executes all common and rare formats. Also, the very small volume of the program has caused it to use CPU and RAM resources in addition to very low battery consumption. There are various modes for categorizing songs that you can use to find your favorite music in the shortest possible time in the massive folders. If you want to play two favorite playlists, you can merge your two playlists and play them together.

Some features and capabilities of Android Mp3 Music Player:

  • Very simple design with easy user interface
  • Supports all popular and rare audio formats
  • Support screen lock with 4 different widgets
  • Search all audio files on the device memory
  • Full headset control support
  • Ability to categorize audio files by folder, artist, album and…
  • Very low resource use device, Android ‘s
  • Ability to manage playing files
  • Very smart sleep timer with playback control system
  • Ability to merge two playlists together
  • Access to 7 equalizer bands with preset stations
  • Intelligent bass boost system for exciting music lovers
  • Edit any music tags
  • Ability to rank all available music files
  • Create shortcuts for playlists

Mp3 Music Player application with more than 500 thousand downloads has been able to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 , which you can now download the latest version without the need for any in-network payment with all the features available from the popular site. Download Usroid .

Changes in version v2.6.1:

* Fixed application problems


Mp3 Music Player Pro