Muzia: Music on Display Premium 1.0.4 – Android Music Playback Management App with Screen Off Display
Presenting the Premium and Complete Version of the App to You, Dear Users

One of the problems that music player users sometimes face is the improper management of music playback when the screen is off. In this situation, the player does not provide enough management tools for users, and they are forced to turn on the screen to change or replay a specific song. Muzia: Music on Display is the title of a music playback management application with a display off feature developed by newGen Mobile for Android and published on Google Play. This program, whose full version is available in Persian, helps you easily manage and experience flawless music playback on your smartphone’s screen while it is off. If we compare this software to other similar tools available on the Android market, we can call it an always-on display! With the difference that you have access to music playback management options and can make changes in the playback process. When you activate this startup, like always-on display programs, you can activate various elements on your screen! For example, you can easily check the weather conditions or display the date and time to prevent constant pressing of the physical keys. Contrary to what you might think, this practical tool is highly optimized and consumes the least possible amount of battery and smart device hardware. Another interesting point that has made Muzia: Music on Display increasingly popular is its support for various music players or media players. So it doesn’t matter which player you use to play music because this app supports all of them. In the app menu, there are many diverse options for making changes. Precisely adjusting these options provides access to all received notifications without any restrictions, or even directly responding to them. Finally, it should be noted that the user-friendly interface has made using this player several times more attractive.

Some of the features and capabilities of Muzia: Music on Display Android app:

  • Easy and fast management of playing music on the Android smartphone’s turned-off screen
  • Convert the screen into an always-on display
  • Add various options to the screen, such as date, time, weather information, etc.
  • Support for various music players and playback applications
  • Different options for managing music playback
  • Very low battery consumption
  • Receive notifications and directly respond to received messages

The Muzia: Music on Display application has been released for free with in-network payment of $1.99 by its developer, utilizing its special features and capabilities. You can now download the latest unlocked premium version from the Usroid website and be among the first users worldwide.