Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro v1.0 – Professional and fast Nick Android browser!
Purchased version for $ 5.57

Naked Browser Pro is a simple yet fast browser from Feverish Development for Android operating system.Is. It is better to check this smart and expensive browser directly and without being sidelined, the first thing that can be seen after installing and launching this application is the support system for different tabs as well as the ability to customize each Website, so that you can customize the execution of images, receiving and saving cookies, executing JavaScript code, accessing geographic coordinates, and so on. Like some messaging apps, the browser has an option called downloading images only when connected to Wi-Fi, so users can save a lot of data when surfing the web. To seek. It may seem like a simple and boring browser at first and after installing Naked Browser, but after using it, you realize its fundamental difference with its other big competitors such as Chrome andYou will become Firefox ! There are different types of tab closing modes with different gestures in this browser, which you can choose according to your taste. Naked Browser application has a special feature that some users of Usroid sitemay be familiar with its Windows version; In this feature, you can just enter the URL of your desired page, get and save the desired URL as a full-screen image, which has the ability to have additional software in Windows, but this browser does not need to There is no program in it!

Some features and capabilities of Naked Browser Pro Android app:

  • Create whitelists for each website and order to receive and store cookies , run images and و
  • Image display system when connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • Has different modes of closing tabs
  • Support for multiple languages ​​and support for general features such as bookmarks, history and…
  • Create a complete high quality image of web pages
  • Prevent the screen from turning off when browsing pages
  • Support sending and receiving with NFC technology
  • Ability to create various tab shortcuts on the screen

Browser Naked Browser Pro has a price of $ 5.57 according to the users to quickly attract and rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by them in the Play Store receives. The purchased version of this professional browser is available in Usroid high-speed servers , which you can download and install for free without any expectations.