Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro v4.27 – Professional Android Note Taking Application!
Premium and Paid Version with all Features

Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro is a flawless and comprehensive note and reminder app from Cubeactive studio for Android devices, which has been released in both professional and free versions. Now, we are going to introduce the professional and paid version to you! With this app, you can quickly write down and save your ideas so you don’t forget them! This outstanding app provides you with a variety of features to write notes in no time. It doesn’t matter where you are, just select or create the folder for the activity you want and add your note to it. Everything in this special app is customizable, from lines to the color of the marking icons! After saving each note, they are always accessible, and you can quickly edit them at any time. The alarm system used in it enables users to remember their tasks in each note, so they never forget their appointments or tasks. Unlike other available apps, you don’t need to worry about the security of your notes, as the intelligent protection system of notes protects all your writings and ideas in the app. Note list can be considered as a top-notch note-taking app, as it can quickly synchronize each note with cloud servers after saving it! It is better not to miss this professional note-taking app and stay with us.

Some of the capabilities and features of Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro Android:

  • Easy use of the mobile app with a large notebook for quickly recording any idea
  • Organizing notes and saving them in different archive folders
  • Ability to synchronize your notes with cloud servers such as Google Drive
  • Quick access to notes using the home screen shortcut
  • Backup of recorded notes archive
  • View the calendar with the date of notes written on each day
  • Support for English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Italian languages
  • Important note widget and sticking it on the screen
  • Ability to bold, change color, italicize, etc. for texts
  • Lock the app and protect notes

The Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro app has been able to receive a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from users in the Play Store with more than 1 million active downloads with in-app payments. You can also download the professional and full unlock version of this app from Usroid.