Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro v4.21.0 – Android professional note-taking application!
Premium and paid version with all features

Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro is a perfect note-taking app from Cubeactive Studio for Android devicesHas been published in both professional and free versions and now we intend to introduce the professional and paid version! With this program, write and save your ideas quickly so you don’t forget them! This unique program allows you to write notes with many features, as soon as possible. It does not matter where you are, all you have to do is select or create a folder for the activity and then add your note to it. Everything in this special program is programmable, from the lines to the colors of the marking symbols! After each note is recorded, they are available at any time, and you can also quickly edit them at any time. The alarm system used in it gives its users the ability to remember tasks in each note so that they never forget their appointments or work. Unlike other existing programs, you do not need to worry about the security of the notes because the intelligent note protection system protects all your writings in the program and your ideas. Maybe it canNote list is a full-fledged note-taking program because it is able to sync any note to cloud servers quickly after saving it! It is better not to miss this professional note program and stay with us.

Some of the features and capabilities of Note list – Notes & Reminders Pro Android:

  • Easy to use app with large notebook for quick registration of any idea
  • Organize notes and save them in different archive folders
  • Ability to sync your notes with cloud servers such as Google Drive
  • Quick access to notes using the home screen shortcut
  • Back up the archive of recorded notes
  • View the calendar along with the date of the notes written each day
  • Supports English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian
  • Widget important notes and paste them on the screen
  • Bold, color change, italics and… for text
  • Lock the app and protect the notes

Note list application – Notes & Reminders Pro has been able to receive a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store with more than 1 million active downloads along with in-app payments. Once again, you can download the professional and full unlocked version of this program. Download from Usroid .


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