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Notifications are one of the most efficient parts of smartphones and allow the user to be informed of the latest events and happenings on the phone quickly. Smartphones, regardless of operating system, all support this feature, and notifications have become a standard for them. We receive different notifications from different applications depending on the type of use we have of the phone and also depending on the amount of social communication, work and… during the day. By default, smartphones play a single sound from all apps for all notifications. Therefore, it is necessary to check the phone to check its type every time you hear the sound of the notification. If we have a lot of notifications during the day, it will take a lot of energy from us and we may lose important and instant messages as a result of mute notifications. Notification Catch App  as an applicationTo set different sounds for notifications of different applications, it is specific to the Android operating system, which was developed by AnTeeX and published for free on Google Play. With this program, you can set a separate sound for each of your applications to play a different sound for the notifications of that application, and without having to check the phone, determine which application the notification is for. You can also set a separate consonant for a specific keyword. For example, you can set a different sound for the word “job” so that when a notification with the word “job” comes to you, a different sound will be played for you to see sooner. If you have an app whose notifications are very important to you, you can set an alarm for it, so that instead of playing the usual notification sound, a continuous sound will be played to notify that app and a message will be displayed on the screen. And it will play continuously until you turn it off. This way you will not miss any important notifications. Of course, if you mistakenly reject notifications, you can go to the program history and check the full list again.

Some features and capabilities of Notification Catch App for Android :

  • Ability to set different sounds to notify different applications
  • Ability to set alarms for applications
  • Ability to set notifications for a specific keyword
  • Keep a complete history of notifications
  • Ability to adjust audio playback for apps, even when the phone is silent.

Application Notification Catch App is the perfect tool to manage and control their notification that Android users have been satisfied with a score of 3.3 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the full and optimized version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v2.1.15 : 

* Fixed several issues


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