Phone Booster – Force Stop, Speed Booster v128.10.24 – speed up applications and improve the performance of Android
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Android devices, like any other smart device, have problems; These problems can be caused by hardware deficiencies or by software deficiencies. One of the most important things that users do not notice is the expansion of extra files in memory, which happens over time. This spread and scatter of files will cause serious problems, the most important of which are slow execution of commands, running programs in the background, and so on. For this reason, special tools for this purpose have been placed in the Android Market. Phone Booster – Force Stop, Speed ​​BoosterTitle is an application to increase the speed and improve the performance of Android, which was developed by booster & battery saver apps and published on Google Play. This software, by taking advantage of various features and providing you with access to various options, allows you to optimize important hardware such as the CPU and once again see its speed increase. RAM booster mode stops all running programs and allows the most important startups to get started. Taking advantage of the above app will not only eliminate any delays, but will also help you save a significant amount of battery power.

Some features and capabilities of Phone Booster – Force Stop, Speed ​​Booster Android app:

  • Increase the speed of the smartphone by optimizing the CPU
  • Stop all running programs to free up RAM
  • CPU cooling and prevent temperature rise
  • Save battery power and extend its life
  • Execute various games or commands without any delay
  • Increase the charging speed of the device!

Application Phone Booster – Force Stop, Speed Booster benefit from the feature set with features and has managed at a price of $ 1.49 Self- rated 4.1 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version bought it Download from Usroid website . This app is introduced at your request.


Phone Booster – Force Stop, Speed Booster