[Phonograph Music Player v1.3.5 Pro] – Android Phonograph Music Player app
Professional version worth $ 13.37 for you dear ones

The music players available on the Google Play Android Market have a variety of features and capabilities, and users can use each of them according to their needs. Phonograph Music Player Pro is one of the top players that has been given a lot of maneuvering in recent times and has attracted a lot of people’s attention ; This player One of Karim Abou Zeid’s products, with its unique material design, it provides access to a variety of audio files, and with its unique framework, it gives you a new experience. Everything is available in the field of music playback and you are able to use it to the extent that the cover and lyrics of the song are downloaded when playing audio files, or if necessary, it is possible to edit the tags of each music file. If you want to play your favorite songs in order, all you have to do is create a unique playlist to play all the high quality audio files! If you are looking for a simple but professional and professional music player for your tablet or Android phone, don’t miss Phonograph Music Player Pro in any way.

Some features and capabilities of Android Phonograph Music Player:

  • Fantastic and unique design of material design
  • Not having any complicated menu to access different parts of the program
  • Automatically add text and covers to music files
  • Ability to change the color of the program to your liking
  • Professional editing tags of each song
  • Create and edit your own unique playlist
  • Home screen widgets
  • Ability to control music playing through the lock screen
  • Access to pre-configured equalizer stations

Application Phonograph Music Player Pro as one of the newest Player Android has managed to more than 5 million downloads in only a short time score 4.1 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of its professional and Get $ 13.37 from Usroid site.


Phonograph Music Player