PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10 v89.9 – Pitch Black for Substratum Android
Purchased version of the app for $2.99

Due to the open nature of Android, many custom ROMs have been created for this operating system, including the popular Cyanogen custom ROM. Cyanogen was able to achieve high popularity in a short period of time due to its numerous capabilities and high flexibility. One of the capabilities of this custom ROM was its incredible personalization feature. After the development of Cyanogen was completed, some developers introduced the high personalization feature of Cyanogen to other ROMs by offering the Substratum theme engine. Using this theme engine, various themes can be applied to Android and give it a unified and beautiful appearance. The themes used by this theme engine are applied to the entire user interface of the operating system and even the user interface of applications, a feature that we have not seen in any other customization program. Fortunately, many themes have been created for this theme engine and we have introduced many of them on Usroid. Today, we are also introducing another beautiful theme, PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10, a dark theme with numerous customization capabilities for Substratum, designed for the Android operating system and developed by altankrk and published on Google Play for $2.99. The design of this program is a balance between materialism, minimalism, and various colors that give a stunning beauty to the user interface of your phone and tablet. This theme is one of the few Substratum themes that can be used on tablets and has been optimized for use on large screens. More than 130 different themes are offered with PitchBlack, and by installing the theme, you will have access to all of them and can change your user interface to suit your taste. Even applications such as Google Chrome, social networks, and… also change their appearance with this program and become compatible with other user interfaces. Note that this theme cannot be installed and used separately and the Substratum program must be installed on your phone to use it. Your phone must also be rooted to use Substratum.

Some features and capabilities of the PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10 Android app:

  • Compatible with all Android devices, even tablets
  • Use of different colors for menus and backgrounds
  • Battery saving
  • Theme on more than 70 applications
  • Support for various Android ROMs
  • Updates provided at short intervals
  • Includes 7 pop-up animations

The PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10 application is an amazing tool for changing the Android user interface. It has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Android users and is now available for free with all its features and capabilities from Usroid.


PitchBlack - Substratum Theme