Pixel Animator: GIF Maker v1.5.3 [Unlocked] – Android Pixel Animated Character Making Application Unlocked
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As you know, the first animations and computer games were made in pixels and made available to the people due to the lack of sufficient facilities and knowledge. The use of this industry and the way of making animation has not stopped today due to its special fans, especially children, which can be seen in many cases. But unlike other animation methods, creating pixel characters is easy due to the lack of high detail, and even users of smart devices can create such characters! Pixel Animator: GIF Maker Full Unlocked is a full-featured application for creating animated pixel characters by Giant_land for AndroidDeveloped and published in the big Google Play Market. Unlike other software in this field, character creation is done in a few simple steps, you only need to create your character in the desired resolution in the first step, and then make minor changes in it in the next steps, so that in the shortest It may take time for the character you want to be ready. The toolkit in Pixel Animator gives users a completely intelligent control and the wide range of colors available increases the charm of the created characters. In case of any problem while using the program, there is no interruption and you can save all the changes until the same stage and resume the design after the problem is resolved. In addition, there is an attractive storage system for users that saves animated characters in GIF format, which also allows you to share your works with your friends. Finally, it is better to know that it is possible to select images from the gallery and convert them to pixel images.


Pixel Animator:GIF Maker


Application Pixel Animator: GIF Maker has been able to support a different capabilities in terms of creating characters pixel by more than half a million downloads enabled rated 4.1 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version Download it unlocked from Usroid website .

Changes in version v1.5.3:

* Fixed bugs and problems + various optimizations