RAM Control eXtreme Pro v1.15 – Android automatic or manual Ram optimization program – paid version

RAM Control eXtreme Pro is an excellent and efficient software from 8JAPPS programming studio for Android devices, with which you can easily boost your device’s RAM with just a few simple touches and have general management on the amount of RAM consumption. The above application, which is currently sold on Google Play for $ 4 , has powerful Ram Booster and Task Killer tools, so that with the first tool, you can strengthen your phone with just the push of a button, and using From the second tool, view the running programs that consume RAM and stop them if you wish. In general, the above software is a great tool for killing tasks and strengthening the RAM, which does not require root to perform and perform tasks, but if your device is rooted, it will have more performance.

Some features and capabilities of RAM Control eXtreme Pro Android application:

* Strengthen RAM by clearing the cache and closing tasks with just one click

* Optimize and boost battery consumption by closing TasksServices

* Providing different levels of optimization: Normal, Strong, eXtreme, Super eX t reme

* Auto RAM Booster function to automatically boost RAM at different time intervals of 3hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs or per day

* Close running programs individually or in groups without crashing

* Functional function of displaying notification when the optimization and strengthening of the device RAM is completed

* Provide a white list to place the desired applications to prevent closing

* Without any ads with a very simple and beautiful user interface

Application RAM Control eXtreme Pro now in the Android Market has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 , which we Farsrvyd the latest version of it to be completely free and direct link to you so that you can do it with one click Get.

Note that: RAM refers to the temporary and hardware memory of the device or the same memory that is known in personal computers with units 256 and 512 and so on.

Changes in version v1.15:

* Fixed bugs and application problems


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