Reaper v1.7.9 + Mod – Popular and Excellent Android Role-Playing Game
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money – Unlocked)
Tested for Offline Play

Reaper is a new and well-made game in the role-playing and Hack & Slash genres from HEXAGE studio, which in Persian is called “Daro Machine“. It is available for Android for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users worldwide so far. Reaper is a complete role-playing game that can be played on Android tablets and phones. When you start the game, by reading the initial dialogues, you enter the imaginary land and the green realm of the imaginary empire. The first thing that catches your attention is the classic conversation system of role-playing games. Of course, Reaper goes beyond other mobile games and allows its audience to determine the character’s dialogues. For example, when you are asked to help destroy enemies in a village in exchange for paying a small amount of coins, you can accept this request or increase your fee by rejecting it due to the low amount of coins! In general, Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman shows that a mobile game can be complete and flawless!


Download Reaper - well-made role-playing game "Reaper" Android + mod


The character designs in the game Reaper are so complete and flawless that it gives you the feeling of playing a console RPG! The experience bar fills up as you defeat enemies or complete main or side missions, and every time the player’s experience level increases, they can choose one of three abilities as desired! The game follows a side-scrolling 2D perspective, and you must complete the game’s stages by moving the main character and striking enemies. Another notable feature in Reaper is the blood that flows from enemies when struck; the game’s music is also noteworthy and greatly enhances the gaming experience. The number of game music tracks is also not small and they do not become repetitive soon! The game Reaper currently has a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating on the Play Store, and we have provided the regular version with a mod for download on Usroid. In the mod version, your money is infinite, and the game is complete. [It is also worth mentioning that the original version of the game requires in-game purchases to be completed.]