Screen Lock (one touch to lock screen) v9.5 [Ad Free] – fast and easy Android screen lock application
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Users turn the screen of their Android smartphone on or off hundreds of times a day; This frequent use causes various problems for the hardware buttons of the smartphone. Due to this issue, additional tools have been developed to replace the power button, which we intend to introduce one of the best. Screen Lock (one touch to lock screen) is a great application for quick and easy locking of Android screens without the need to press the hardware button, developed by Simi Studio and published in the large Google Play Market. As mentioned in the description above, this compact startup can be considered a superpower button simulator to turn off the screen, which in addition to high speed in executing commands, minimizes hardware damage. Unlike similar software, which consumes a lot of power, screen lock uses very little battery and CPU. Select the simulator icon to your liking and you can make various changes to it. We suggest you use this complete and perfect software, so do not miss it and follow us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of Screen Lock (one touch to lock screen) Android application:

  • Replacement of the power button
  • Quickly turn off the screen without damaging the device
  • Access the main functionality of the program in three different modes
  • Ability to select app icons to suit your taste
  • Shake the device when the screen turns off
  • Play sound when the device is locked
  • Adjust the position of the hover button
  • Very easy and functional settings


Screen Lock application (one touch to lock screen) with its various features and capabilities has been able to receive a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by Google Play users, who can now download the latest version without ads from direct links to the website Get a valid Usroid ; This program is introduced at your request dear ones.


Screen Lock (one touch to lock screen)