SoundAssistant v3.4.03.0 Audio Output Control app for Android devices for Samsung phones,
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Major tech companies and major smartphone makers usually offer proprietary applications for use in their products, for the convenience of customers. Samsung is one of the largest technology companies that has always tried to make its products more customer-friendly and customer-friendly by offering smart and functional proprietary applications. Today we are at your service with one of the Samsung applications to control the phone’s audio output. SoundAssistantThe title of an app for tuning audio and various audio-related functions is for the Android operating system, developed by the Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd software group and released for free on Google Play. The ability to adjust the sound individually for each of the applications, profiles and customized scenarios, the possibility of partial and accurate adjustment of the sound level, floating equalizer, etc. are among the features of this program. In this application, the user can set different sound settings for specific times of the day to run automatically. Also, with this application, you can change the function of the hard-to-reach volume keys that are being played in the default case related to media voice adjustment.

Some features and capabilities of SoundAssistant Android app :

  • Ability to control the volume of the media instead of the volume of the ringtone using the physical volume control buttons
  • Ability to control the volume of different applications separately (check the volume of games and programs separately)
  • It has 150 steps for precise volume control with floating equalizer support
  • Create and activate customized audio settings
  • Mono sound support and left and right sound balance
  • play / pause the program by touching its icon and entering the program by touching the icon for a long time
  • Ability to switch between different audio outputs (Bluetooth, speaker, etc.) for a specific application using a floating sound control window
  • The default sound steps are adjustable and changeable for the physical volume control buttons.
  • The equalizer settings can be saved and shared.
  • Ability to hear all the sounds of the phone (notification, ringtone, alarm, etc.) only from the headphones (for Android 9.0)

Application SoundAssistant a great program and very functional for owners of Samsung smartphones is that it gives full control over the output of their devices. If you use a variety of outputs for your phone and use your phone for a long time to listen to songs, games, etc., we recommend that you install and use this application. With the satisfaction of Android users, this program has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.