3Speed ​​camera radar (PRO) v3.1.46 – The application for displaying information on cameras for recording violations and road hazards in Android,
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Speed ​​camera radar (PRO) is a unique and useful program for displaying road hazards and cameras from Road Soft Studio for Android operating system . If you are one of the people who are constantly traveling and transporting the road, undoubtedly one of your concerns is the dangerous points of the road and speed cameras, which record your violations even with a slight change of speed and a very large amount. You will be fined. Speed ​​camera radar applicationWith its huge database, it provides you with a collection of speed cameras, dangerous road points, dangerous accelerators, red light cameras, etc., and makes driving comfortable and comfortable. This program uses two modes of map and radar to show the map, which can be used even without internet access! The voice alarm system used in it enables anyone to be easily informed of the dangers ahead and the distance to it without even seeing the screen. To use Speed ​​CameraAll you have to do is download the database of the country you need to access the information without any hassle. Existing databases are updated by the users of the program and you can add road hazards to the database of our beloved country Iran. It should be noted that the existing 3D mode also helps to view different structures in 3D to reduce the error rate in hazard detection to zero.

Some features and capabilities of Speed ​​camera radar Android application:

  • It has two display modes in the form of radar and map
  • Set the night mode on the screen
  • Mode of displaying structures in 3D
  • Show the exact location of fixed cameras and red light cameras
  • Ability to zoom in on different points of the road
  • 140,000 active pois road hazards in the world
  • Daily database updates
  • Voice alert support
  • Work in the background and guide you with the smart audio system
  • Ability to add danger points by you to databases of different countries

Application Speed camera radar (PRO) with $ 3.99 in the Play Store has been released and able to devote thousands of Active in points 3.9 to 5.0 to get the version purchased it from, as always for free Usroid received .


Speed camera radar (PRO) Android