3Speed camera radar (PRO) v3.2.10 – Android application for displaying information about traffic violation cameras and road hazards
The purchased version with a price of $3.99 for our esteemed users

Speed camera radar (PRO) is a unique and practical application from Road Soft studio for the Android operating system that displays road hazards and cameras. If you are someone who frequently travels and uses road transport, undoubtedly one of your concerns is dangerous road points and speed cameras that even with a slight change in speed, record your violations and you are fined a significant amount. The Speed camera radar application provides you with a vast database of speed cameras, dangerous road points, dangerous speed traps, red light cameras, and more, allowing you to drive with peace of mind. The application uses both map and radar modes to display the information, which can be used even without internet access! The audio alert system in it enables anyone to easily and even without looking at the screen, be informed of upcoming hazards and their distance. To use Speed camera radar, simply download the database of your required country to have access to the information without any hassle. The available databases are updated by the application users themselves, and you can also add road hazards to the database of our dear country, Iran, if desired. It is worth mentioning that the 3D mode also helps to view various structures in 3D, reducing the margin of error in identifying hazards to zero.

Some features and capabilities of the Speed camera radar Android app:

  • Features two display modes: radar and map
  • Ability to set night mode on the display screen
  • Displays structures in 3D mode
  • Shows precise locations of fixed cameras and red light cameras
  • Zoom capability on various points of the road
  • 140,000 active road hazards POIs worldwide
  • Daily database updates
  • Supports audio alerts
  • Runs in the background and guides you with intelligent voice system
  • Ability to add danger points to the database of different countries

The Speed camera radar (PRO) app, priced at $3.99, has been released on the Play Store and has received a rating of 3.7 out of 5.0 with thousands of active downloads. You can get the purchased version for free from Usroid as always.


Speed camera radar (PRO) Android