Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Fitness tracker Pro v2.1 – Android pedometer and fitness application
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One of the most important ways to lose weight and achieve fitness is walking and similar sports such as cycling, running and که, which helps you burn a lot of calories in a very short time and eliminate body fat masses. Give up. Those who intend to do any of the above mentioned exercises must first of all have a definite goal and not stop doing their exercises until they reach it. Pedometer tools are undoubtedly one of the most important software available to lose extra calories, and in this post we are going to introduce one of the best. Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Fitness tracker ProThe title is a professional and full-featured pedometer developed and published by Codes Art for Android. After installing this software, first of all, determine the number of steps of your goal in each day and do not stop walking or running until you reach your goal. Your sports information is stored in the form of daily and monthly statistics that you can refer to at any time to get more comprehensive information. In addition to the number of steps taken, the amount of calories consumed is also calculated, which helps to know how much of your body fat mass has been lost with your daily exercise. Unlike many similar software that have a very complex environment, there are no misleading options in the interface of this startup. In addition, it is better not to miss the news of the world of fitness and fitness and always keep your information up to date.


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Version v2.1 changes:

* Improve the ability and fix program problems