StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Pro v3.6.3 – Workout and Muscle Building App for Android
Premium and Pro Version with all Features

StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log is the simplest and most effective program for building strong muscles, published by StrongLifts for the Android operating system. The programs available in this app enable anyone to exercise three days a week and engage in 45-minute fast-paced fat burning sessions to have flawless muscles. After installing the program and creating a personal plan, you will know how many sets and how many minutes of rest you are allowed for each move! It can be said that your StrongLifts is like having a personal trainer in your pocket that you can access anytime, anywhere. All your information, such as weight, body fat and muscle mass, and other specific program parameters are stored at the beginning of each exercise period, and after completing the mentioned periods, you can access all the entered information and see your progress on graphical charts. The calendar available in the app is one of the best features used in it, which allows everyone to review their program and set the exercise time. Additionally, you should know that the introduced program is fully compatible with smartwatches, and you can see sufficient information from your smartwatch during exercise.

Some features and capabilities of the StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log Android app:

  • Easy and simple program design
  • Ability to integrate sports movements in StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log
  • Saving the history of used weights, number of sets and movements
  • Ability to add desired weight to default weight of movements in the software
  • Show rest time between sets for effective exercise
  • Sports calendar for reviewing exercise times on different days
  • Ability to set weights in kilograms and pounds
  • Synchronization of the program with Android smart watches
  • A set of sports movements to cut muscles in different parts of the body
  • Automatic synchronization of the software with Google Fit

The StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log application can easily be considered the best bodybuilding program, as evidenced by its unparalleled 4.9 out of 5.0 rating by the Play Store. This software, along with in-app purchases, has been released in Android markets and you can now download the latest unlocked version from Usroid.


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