[Synchronize Ultimate v5.12.24 [Pro – Professional and cloud file manager application for Android!
Professional version with access to all features – for the first time in Iran

If you have noticed, due to the increasing expansion of cloud servers and their importance in maintaining backups of user files, supporting cloud servers has become a constant feature in Android applications. Usually, all of them support popular cloud servers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., but in this post, we want to introduce you to a unique application that supports a variety of cloud servers. Synchronize Ultimate Pro Unlocked A professional file manager with a unique set of features including cloud servers for AndroidIs published by the developer of Ice Cold Apps and amazes you with its capabilities. You may be surprised at first by reading the title of the post, but we must say that this program is undoubtedly one of the most complete software in the field of cloud server support! It supports 150 different and popular servers and protocols and enables users to have complete control over their Internet storage spaces. This professional file manager, along with its support for cloud servers, provides users with a new experience and allows them to send a copy of all their files to the servers. The above program has various capabilities that you can read more about with Usroid.

Some features and capabilities of Synchronize Ultimate Android application:

  • Professional file management with access to various management options
  • Unique system for auto-uploading edited files and applying changes to files
  • Send and share your device files with your friends
  • Supports +100 cloud servers as well as various communication protocols
  • Supports compressed file types
  • Access the status of servers connected to the application
  • Manually change files to a custom cloud server
  • Support for various plugins
  • Very high security in the way of communication with existing servers

Synchronize Ultimate application , as one of the most complete programs in the field of cloud server support, has been able to receive a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 100,000 active downloads and $ 2.99 in-network payment, which now and as always You can download the latest professional version of this popular file manager from Usroid high-speed servers in Iran.


Synchronize Ultimate Pro