Troll Face Quest: Unlucky v22.5.1 + Mod – Interesting puzzle game “Ridiculous face and bad luck” for Android + Trailer
version normal + Mod version (unlocked) tested separately
with offline execution

Troll Face Quest: Unlucky – Another Troll Face QuestMade by the Dutch studio Spil Games in adventure and puzzle style. This game has been released for free on Google Play for Android devices, and we decided to prepare the latest update with the unlocked version for you dear ones. The Troll Face Quest game series, which has been going on for some time, has gained a large audience and is gradually becoming one of the most popular trends. It may not be easy to believe, but so far more than 15 different versions of the Troll Face Quest series have been released by Spil Games. This series of games, which are based on funny characters called Troll, are completely humorous games with funny and informal ideas. It can be said that almost all the games in this series use the same design language and the features of all of them are the same in terms of design and gameplay. The only major difference between these games is the difference between their characters and the adventures of these games. Previously in Usroid several games from this series likeWe have introduced and published Troll Face Quest TV Shows , Troll Face Quest Classic , Troll Face Quest Internet Memes and Troll Face Quest Video Games , and in this article we intend to introduce another Troll Face game at your service.


Troll Face Quest: Unlucky


In Troll Face Quest: UnluckyYou have to follow the game in 33 different and interesting stages, all of which are designed as hand-painted. In addition to these 33 steps, there are 2 hidden stages that you may be able to find! In this game, you take on the role of a troll character and go to other trolls in different stages. There is no specific reason, purpose or motivation in the stages of this game, but anyway, one of the features of Troll Face Quest: Unlucky is the discussion of harassing and mocking the characters during the game! In fact, the content of the story and the story of the game is related to funny and often ridiculous events that take place by the main character, the Troll Face. In the stages of this game, you follow the game in the role of several characters in different periods, and in each stage, a ridiculous and humorous event occurs. Your task during the game is to find the items needed to make those special events happen and interact with them. The gameplay style is in Point and Click Adventure style and its content is similar to puzzle games, especially hidden object style games. If you are looking for a different, funny and interesting game, Troll Face Quest: Unlucky can be a suggested option for you. The latest version of this game along with its modded version is tested and freeUsroid are available for download. It is noteworthy that the game of ridiculous face and bad luck has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play to date and has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v22.5.1:

* Fixed various bugs
* Increased stability and game optimization