Under Leaves v1.1.5 – An intellectual and puzzle game under the leaves of Android trees + trailer of
the purchased and complete version of the game for $ 1.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

Hidden Object style games have long played a colorful role in video games. The very simple but at the same time fun and sometimes very difficult style of these games has made this series of games one of the most popular small and fun games. Game Under Leaves or under leaves, is a prime example of the type of game that features interesting and beautifully presented and priced at $ 1.99 in Google Play for Android operating system has been released. In this game, like other Hidden Object style gamesYour task as a player is to find the missing objects in the shortest possible time. In Under Leaves, unlike most similar games that usually take place in rooms and buildings, you have to play in a forest or in the depths of the ocean with dozens of different animals. In fact, you have to find the things that these animals have lost. For example, find chestnuts for pigs, silkworms for crocodiles, seashells for turtles, lizards for snakes, and so on, at each stage you have to find what each animal needs from among the piles of leaves and more Find in the forest. The stages of the game take place in different parts of the world. You can travel to different places to complete various missions.

Some of the most important features of the Under Leaves Android puzzle game:

  • Use realistic professional hand drawings and drawings with watercolors
  • Awesome and enjoyable sound
  • Simple gameplay without complexity
  • Travel to 9 different places in the world
  • Nearly 30 hidden animated animals to find
  • Travel to the heart of beautiful forests or the depths of the seas
  • Challenging and useful for improving concentration and senses

Game Under Leaves as an example of attractive and exciting games and puzzle genre known intellectual. The game was produced by Circus Atos Studios in the Czech Republic and released for $ 1.99 on Google Play. The full version has been purchased and is now available to you. This beautiful game with an excellent score of 4.9 out of 5.0 does not leave much to be said. If you are a fan of hidden object games and want to challenge your focus, this game will be a good recommendation for you. Usroid has prepared the full version of this game as purchased and prepared it for your download, dear users. You can download the final and complete version of this game from Usroid high-speed servers .

Changes in version v1.1.5:

* Fixed some game bugs


Under Leaves