Little Big Snake v2.6.90 + Mod – “Snake Competition” Fun and Entertaining Game for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (with VIP sections unlocked) separately available
Tested with online play

Little Big Snake – Snake Competition is an exciting and well-made game that is developed based on the classic Snake game. The game is created and published by an American studio with the same name as the game, Little Big Snake. Initially, the game was designed and developed as a web project and soon gained many fans. After the game became more popular, the developer decided to offer a redesigned version for modern smartphones and tablets, including Android and iOS, so that players could enjoy the game with less trouble. We have also prepared, reviewed, and provided the latest complete and final version of the game for Android as a tested and free download. In addition to the original version on Google Play, Usroid has also released a separate modded version. The main approach of Little Big Snake, like many other modern and competitive online games, is designed and offered in a minimalist style. Some of the most famous of these games include titles such as,, Crowd City, King of Crabs, Sausage, Dinosaur Rampage, and more, all of which we have previously published in other Usroid articles.


Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake is a simple yet engaging competitive game that is very enjoyable. As mentioned, this game is based on the classic game title Snake, meaning the game style, context, and gameplay are designed almost like the famous Snake game. In this game, you will be competing with dozens of other opponents in a large field of competition, where special items are available in various locations. At the beginning of the game, all opponents are almost the same in terms of power, size, and features, and as soon as they start moving, they evolve. In Little Big Snake, your main task is to grow bigger and stronger! To do this, you need to wander around and swallow insects, score items, and leftovers from your opponents to grow larger and add better features. The main and competitive part of the game is to collect (swallow) as many items as possible inside the game, which will make you stronger and more dangerous. In this case, you can also swallow opponents who are smaller and weaker than you and eliminate them from the game, earning a lot of points. Your ultimate goal in the game should be to gain the highest possible score. So get ready for a fun, challenging, and exciting game! Remember that stronger opponents are your biggest threat in the game. Any collision with them is equivalent to the disappearance of your snake. So don’t go towards them until you become as strong as them or even larger than them. Little Big Snake has a global leaderboard for competing for better rankings, in which you can also participate. If you are a fan of the classic Snake game and want to experience it competitively this time, don’t hesitate and download it now from the Usroid Download Box.

Note: In the mod version, the VIP sections are open, there are no ads, and the rebirth takes place again.