King of Crabs v1.18.1 – Exciting Action Game “King of Crabs” for Android
A highly competitive and entertaining game with excellent graphics and designs
Tested with online play

King of Crabs – پادشاه خرچنگ ها is an interesting, entertaining, and well-made action game produced and released for free by Robot Squid studio. We also obtained it upon the release of the new version on Google Play, and after various reviews, we are now publishing it for you, dear friends and companions, so that you can download an exciting and thrilling game and compete with other online players and have a great time. King of Crabs is the first official game of Robot Squid studio, whose original idea is taken from games like,, Dinosaur Rampage, Sausage, and many other similar games. In all of these games, whose main focus is individual and simultaneous competitions with dozens of other players, you play as a character among many other characters, and your main goal should be to destroy others and gain more power. Some of these games are offline, and you have to play against AI, but most of them are online, and all players in them are real players from all over the world, which makes these games much more attractive. King of Crabs is also one of these games that is completely online, and all players in it are competing with each other online, which has significantly increased the excitement of the game and turned it into a highly competitive title.


King of Crabs


In the game King of Crabs, you enter the world of crabs! A world where various types and breeds of crabs exist, creatures that are famous for their strange appearance and powerful arms. You must participate in tight and breathtaking competitions as one of these crabs and compete online with a large number of players simultaneously. The game developer says that up to 100 different players are present in each competition! Your main goal is to attack other crabs and destroy them, but this should not be done without strategy and thoughtlessness! Because larger and stronger crabs also exist on the map, attacking them without sufficient force is foolish. Therefore, in King of Crabs, you must first strengthen your crab. To do this, you can use score items throughout the map or attack smaller crabs and destroy them! The game follows this process, and in each competition that has a specific timing, the player who can destroy more crabs from their opponents and receive more points will be the winner. By earning money and points during the stages, you can unlock stronger and larger crabs or customize your current crab. King of Crabs has a huge advantage over other similar games, and that is its remarkable graphics! This excellent graphics with its 3D modeling and dynamic gameplay can be a very attractive and masterpiece game. So don’t waste time and download this competitive and action-packed game from Usroid now and become the king of crabs!

Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.RobotSquid.KingOfCrabs folder to the Android/obb directory of the internal memory of your device.