Water Time Pro ? Drink Tracker & Reminder v6.0.11 Daily water consumption management application for Android
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Water is one of the most vital substances for humans and all living things, without which life on earth is impossible. Drinking water has numerous benefits for the body, including maintaining skin freshness, heart health, increasing energy, losing weight, and more. Water is the main constituent of body tissues, and on average about 65% of an adult’s body weight is water, which is higher for children. Water is involved in preventing angina, migraine, colitis, asthma, high blood pressure, early-stage diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. Many believe that because we consume water in our food and drink, we no longer need to drink pure water, while the amount of water in food and drink such as coffee, tea and و was very low. And it is not enough for the body and it is necessary to consume some pure water daily. With all the benefits of drinking water for the body, many forget to drink enough water, which can put their health at serious risk. Today we are at your service with an application that has provided a solution for this issue.Water Time Pro ? Drink Tracker & Reminder is an application for complete management of daily water consumption with the ability to track consumption and provide consumption reports for the Android operating system, which was developed by Mobile Creatures software group and published for free on Google Play. With this program, you no longer have to worry about the amount of water you drink, this program will remind you to drink water at certain times by calculating the amount of water you consume during the day. Of course, you can have complete reports on how you consume water at different intervals.

Some features and capabilities of Water Time Pro ? Drink Tracker & Reminder Android :

  • Track and record daily water consumption
  • Attractive, simple and convenient user interface
  • Support for caffeine consumption (tea, coffee, etc.)
  • Reminders when to use water using alarms
  • Supporting water consumption habits (water consumption in the form of fruit juice, brew and…)
  • Possibility to define water consumption container (cup, mug and…)
  • Do not disturb while sleeping and turn off all alarms at the set hours
  • Full compatibility with large screens and tablets

Water Time Pro app ? Drink Tracker & Reminder is a very useful program for all users who usually forget to drink enough water and have problems with drinking less water. Water Time Pro is so popular that it has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times on Google Play alone, and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You dear ones can now download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v6.0.11 :

* Fixed bugs and improved program performance


Water Time Pro ? Drink Tracker & Reminder Premium