Transparent clock & weather is a popular and free program for displaying the weather and weather along with a very stylish clock on the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet ! If you’ve ever installed various apps for displaying watch and meteorological widgets on your mobile phone, say goodbye now, because this app has come up with great features and the ability to customize to replace all widget apps.Meteorology! You can choose one of the three different widgets with different sizes to display in your home screen and now sit down and customize the different parts of it as you wish! Existence of very stylish shells, different fonts to display the time, find the current location automatically, display the status and air temperature for the current location, time of sunrise and sunset, determine the amount of humidity and wind status, etc. all go hand in hand to Bring the best weather app on your Android phone .

Some features and capabilities of the Android Transparent clock & weather app:

  • It has three different sizes of 4 × 1, 4 × 2 and 5 × 2 for widgets
  • Support lock-screen mode to display widgets on mobile screen locks
  • Having very stylish and diverse skins for widgets with the possibility of user selection
  • Have beautiful fonts to choose and display the clock on the home screen
  • Possibility to accurately predict weather conditions for the next 4 days
  • Display of humidity and wind conditions, temperature and temperature, sunrise and sunset, etc.
  • Having a global climate to display the climate of different cities from the desired countries
  • Ability to customize the program with tasks such as selecting the desired icons, selecting the time index (12 and 24 hours), showing the date format, parameters of Celsius or Fahrenheit, etc.
  • Support for Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese , Croatian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Transparent clock & weather meteorological software currently has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 on the Play Store and has been downloaded millions of times, and today in Usroid we provide you with the latest version for free; The version available on Google Play has ads, but our version is purchased and complete , in which you do not see a trace of the ad, and you can easily enjoy the features in a beautiful environment.


Transparent clock & weather