wisgoon 7.4.5 – Visgon social network application for Android phones The original and official version of the program presented to you by Usroid
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wisgoon is the official Wisgon social network application developed by Rokh Software Group and published on Google Play. Many years have passed since the development of the first social network for Android smartphones, and we have seen various startups in this field. In the meantime, some projects with smart goals have been able to place themselves in the top list of the world’s top social media, or some have lost their fans over time, despite providing desirable facilities. Not only do we see this all over the world, but it also applies to internal social networks, and we have seen many unsuccessful projects so far. But as we mentioned in the explanation above, having smart and long-term goals, and at the same time a strong development team can lead to more and more progress. These two main factors for progress and development are exactly the ones that helped the Wisgon social network to grow in the worst possible conditions and increase the number of its users day by day. Fortunately, this built-in social media provides a dedicated app for targeting Android users. With the help of the wisgoon program, you can connect with people all over the world and our beloved country of Iran and make the most of a national platform. The first thing that catches your eye about this app is the lack of many restrictions imposed by competing social networks that we do not see in Wisconsin! Anyway, we see great capabilities in this startup, which we will discuss in detail below.

wisgoon Visgoon is the top social network for photo and video sharing

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of startup wisgoon among Persian language users around the world is the ability to share images and video files. In this program, you can easily share images or any type of video file with your friends or easily make the most of other files shared by others. Like any other social network, Wisgon users will be able to like other people’s posts or post various comments for them if they wish. If you have noticed, we mentioned in the initial description that Wisgon does not have some of the limitations of similar social networks!

Access to an endless world of diverse content with the help of Wisgon

In the wisgoon application, we see a section known as Explorer, which other competing social networks also provide this feature to their users. In the Explorer section, users will be able to access an endless collection of types of content and follow their favorite pages. The most important thing that differentiates Wisgon Explorer from other startups is the categorization of all the content in it. This means that only the videos or images you are interested in viewing will be displayed. This not only prevents users from searching for hours to find their favorite content and use their internet volume in vain, but also provides the opportunity for freelancers to produce content in various fields and be able to reach the target audience. Attract yourself easily.

Easy communication using Wisgon social network

Users on the wisgoon social network can communicate with each other as easily as possible. This method of communication is just like Instagram, and you dear ones can send various messages directly to your friends or acquaintances. Other features that may attract some users are the ability to index content in search engines as well as SEO friendly captions that allow you to create captions with a length of 4000 characters along with Consider titles and titles for your content.

Some features and capabilities of wisgoon Android application:

  • Share pictures and video files with your friends around the world
  • Ability to like posts or write comments for each of them
  • Option to download images or video files with the highest quality
  • Explorer section to access unlimited content
  • Categorize all the contents of the Explorer section into various categories
  • Ability to follow or unfollow the pages you want
  • Communicate and send messages to others from the direct section
  • View list of popular images from users’ point of view
  • Display a list of the latest events separately
  • Ability to customize the created page
  • View page rank and creation date
  • Write a dedicated biography for the created page
  • Write professional captions with SEO friendly features
  • Ability to create slide posts
  • Get a blue tick for celebrities and active organizations
  • Featuring posts to get more views by users
  • Block pages and send reports if there is any inappropriate content

Application wisgoon has been published for free on Google Play by its developer with the benefit of its various features and capabilities and has received a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 . Your loved ones can now Vysgvn most recent official version of social network applications without any restrictions on high-speed web servers Usroid downloaded.