Yandex is the largest and most advanced Internet company in the Russian Federation, offering a variety of Internet services and software products. The company first started with the goal of producing a powerful search engine for Russian users. After succeeding in the production of search engines, it turned to other services, especially similar services to Google, and now offers several Internet services to its users. One of the most popular services of Yandex is the company’s cloud storage service. This service, which is very similar to Google Drive, enables users to save their files on it and be able to access it from any device that can connect to the Internet. In addition, it has various features such as image editing, creating office files, and., Which puts it a notch higher than similar services. Of course, one of the most important places to use this service is smartphones. That’s why Yandex has launched various applications for mobile operating systems, which we are at your service with its Android application today. Yandex.Disk The title of an app for accessing files in the Yandex cloud storage service and managing them completely is for the Android operating system, which was developed by Yandex Apps and published for free on Google Play. With this program, you can easily store all files such as photos, videos, documents, recorded sounds, music and everything else that is important to you in a secure cloud memory. It is very easy to upload files with this program. The files you upload to Yandex Disk will stay there permanently. So even if the phone is lost or corrupted or the data is inadvertently deleted, you can still access important information on the Yandex disk. Yandex has set a volume of 10 GB for its free users and can be added to its volume by purchasing packages of one hundred or one thousand GB. Yandex provides one of the most secure cloud storage and ensures that your files are protected against unauthorized access. Of course, if you want to share each of your files with others, you can provide a public link for it and send it to those you want to use to access the files directly. .

Some features and capabilities of Yandex.Disk Android app :

  • Provides a completely secure and uninhabitable cloud storage
  • Easy sharing of files and folders with others, by providing a link
  • Synchronize information with all programs
  • Provide 10 GB of free memory

Yandex.Disk application with more than 10 million downloads from Google Play and with the satisfaction of Android users has been able to get a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This program has been introduced at your request and now the latest version is in front of you.